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Headline; New choices in portfolio management
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  Subhead; Growing your portfolio, advancing your best  
Subhead; About Cara Trading Advisors
  Cara Trading Advisors (CTA) is a portfolio management company built on a unique client-centered model in which the company seeks to preserve and grow client assets through active, risk-averse, daily trading in the financial markets. Trading occurs within clients’ own online trading accounts, giving clients complete control over, and daily information about, their assets. The company utilizes an international team of independent traders, researchers and analysts, and administrative managers to achieve its clients' objectives. CTA is registered as an investment adviser with the SEC and in The Bahamas. Privately owned by trader/statesman Bill Cara, a Canadian who resides in The Bahamas, Cara Trading Advisors was established in 2008.  
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  You can now take advantage of CTA's discretionary investment advisory service.
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Subhead; About the CTA Team
  The Cara Trading Advisors' international team is comprised of highly experienced traders, researchers, analysts and administrative personnel; each one focused on obtaining outstanding account performance, closely managing risk, and meeting client needs. Meet the core trading and analysis team.  
Subhead; About the CTA Team
  CTA offers two fee structures:
Pay only for performance: A performance-based fee of 25% of profit is assessed each month that an account gains value, establishing a “high-water mark” beyond which account value must increase for further fees to be paid. Each monthly increase establishes a new high-water mark. There are no managment fees. US residents must meet certain SEC regulations to qualify for performance-based fees.
Asset based fee: An asset-based fee of 3% per annum (less commission costs), accounted for daily and charged monthly. SEC does not permit performance-based fee structure for non-accredited investors.

Full fee structure details are contained in the
Cara Trading Advisors Discretionary Investment Advisory Agreement.

Subhead; About Bill Cara
  Bill Cara is a global capital markets professional who, in over 35 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience, has co-founded and managed successful full-service and national electronic brokerages. Author of the book, Lessons from the Trader Wizard, Bill’s Cara Community blog attracts more than 100,000 readers in 140 countries who routinely visit for daily reports, market commentary and discussion. Bill owns CTA.

"The actions of central banks and governments reflect a fundamental failure to fulfil vital public policy requirements of fairness, transparency, and visible accountability."

"Our clients – corporate, institutional, and individual – know it takes focus, robust performance, and effective risk management to profit during uncertain economic times." ~ Bill Cara

Subhead; About Cara Portfolios
  CTA offers a suite of four portfolios that address risk/return characteristics ranging from the highest levels of risk control with adequate performance, to the most aggressive levels of performance with adequate risk control. Regardless of the given portfolio, CTA's portfolio management and trading style is "risk-averse".
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  CARA All-Weather Portfolio  


Subhead; About Cara Portfolios
  CTA protocols are designed to meet three specific objectives:
Meeting clients’ needs and goals by assessing their level of risk tolerance
Creating clients’ wealth through profitable trading strategies and tactics
Conserving clients’ wealth using defensive trading strategies and tactics
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Subhead; About Cara Trading Advisors
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  Subhead; You keep full control of your assets
Security is a primary concern. Your assets are held in your own name, separate from the brokerage’s assets and from other clients’ accounts. You can access an updated account statement daily. CTA cannot access your funds directly. You have full control because you have full account access through an electronic broker. You have the comfort of full regulatory compliance as well as industry and brokerage insurance. Currently, CTA works with Interactive Brokers. For the facts about security, visit Interactive Brokers. To end our relationship for any reason, send us written notice and we will stop trading the account.
  Subhead; No conflicts of interest
Unlike banks and broker-dealers CTA has no conflicts arising from selling our own products – because our only product is profit. We choose from the entire world of trading opportunities. Our decisions are unbiased, focused only on risk assessment and net performance.